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4 Things to Know About Senior Apartments in OKC Before Moving In

Feb 07, 2020

Research is important when you’re looking for your next home. Beyond investigating the place itself – the amenities, location, price and more – you have to figure out contracts, movers and often even selling the home you’re in. Before making the final decision and moving into a new senior apartment in Oklahoma City, there are four important things to understand.

1. There Are Different Types of Senior Apartments in OKC  

Senior apartments in Oklahoma City include different types of communities, ranging from independent living apartments to assisted living and memory care. If you’re an active adult, you’re likely looking for independent living or a 55+ apartment community. Within these options, you’re usually looking at one of three basic types of arrangements.

Owner-Occupied Communities

Owner-occupied neighborhoods are designed for active people who meet specific age minimums, usually 55 or 62. Residences may be single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums or modular units. Most people in these neighborhoods own their homes, but you might find an available apartment offered for rent by the unit’s owner or a co-op.

If you rent in an owner-occupied style community, check to see whether you’re responsible for paying homeowners’ association (HOA) fees and/or any membership fees charged for things like pool and gym use.

Rental Communities

Rental communities may be geared towards independent living, assisted living or continuing care. Typically, most senior apartments focus on independent living, offering amenities like housekeeping and laundry, but residents take care of themselves day-to-day.

Different neighborhoods will have different amenities, from basic apartment units up to luxury senior living communities. At Grand Tapestry, for example, residents have access to things like a heated exercise pool, fitness center, movie theater and daily social programs.

Affordable Senior Housing

Affordable senior apartments are government-subsidized for residents who meet income requirements. Qualifications are usually set at the state level, and many adults looking for this type of housing in Oklahoma City are put on a waitlist for several months before securing an apartment.

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2. Contract and Lease Terms May Depend on Amenities, Services and Support

Many 55+ apartments have contracts for use of services and amenities. In some cases, there might be multiple contract options. If the community you’re considering has different levels of support (such as independent living and assisted living,) make sure you’re signing up for the right level for your needs.

If you’re 100% independent, it’s often easier not to worry about different levels of support in Life Plan communities. A community that’s solely focused on independent living and providing a luxury, resort-style experience may be a better fit for your needs.

Whatever type of community you choose, always check the lease length. Are you signing up for a year? Month-to-month? Is lease renewal automatic? If you haven’t rented in a while, consider asking someone experienced with the process to look over the lease with you in case there are any other details you may have missed.

3. You’ll Need to Research the Real Estate Market  

Unless you’re renting already, moving into a senior apartment will probably mean selling your current home. Fortunately, the cost of living in Oklahoma City is below the national average and the job market is growing, making the city an appealing destination for new buyers.

Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City have different pricing trends, even when they’re geographically close to one another. Make sure you look at the selling prices of houses in your area before you put your home on the market to ensure you’re getting the best price for your area.

Selling a home is a lot of work, so don’t hesitate to hire support. Grand Tapestry at Quail Springs, will help you to find a local real estate agent that meets your needs. We also help you plan the entire moving process, including packing and downsizing to make the entire process easier.

4. You Should Be Ready to Downsize

If you’re moving to senior apartments from a private home, you’ll probably have less space. That might even be the case if you’re moving from a townhouse or condo, meaning you’ll need to downsize.

But don’t let the term fool you. Downsizing isn’t just about giving up possessions. Many people, especially adults who want to refocus on what’s important in their lives, see it as a cleansing experience, even calling it “right-sizing.” You can use the move as an opportunity to give up possessions you no longer care about, making more room for those you do.

Depending on how much you’ve accumulated over the years, it might take you a few weeks or more to sort through everything. Take your time, but be decisive. It’s easier to identify things that are important to you than what you want to give up, so start by setting aside everything you know you want to take. If there are things you want to give to specific people, set those aside.

Once you’ve set aside your must-have’s, it will be easier to prioritize the rest of your belongings by what’s needed and what you can happily live without.

Find the Right Space for You

Senior apartments are a great option for adults who want more time to enjoy their retirement, but there’s still a lot to do when you’re searching for a new home. You need to downsize and sell your existing home for the best price. You also need to make sure you select a new apartment community that has the type of living environment, amenities, and contract and support levels you want.

Grand Tapestry at Quail Springs is committed to providing a great living experience in our luxury 55+ apartments. We provide independent living only, focused on active adults who are ready to be more engaged with amenities and services that enhance their day-to-day lives. Our apartments are part of a vibrant neighborhood where people enjoy life. Request a brochure or contact us to learn more today.

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