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50+ Oklahoma senior discounts for savings at your favorite places

Aug 31, 2017

While not everything about getting older is rosy, there are some real benefits to hitting your senior years. One of them, is that a lot of things get a little cheaper. Many places offer discounts for boomers and seniors. And a lot of these discounts start when you turn 50!

Because of their extensive advertising and well-known name, most people are familiar with the discounts that come from being a member of AARP. But many other restaurants, retailers, and travel and entertainment companies offer discounts beyond those for AARP members.

While some senior discounts are available as soon as you turn 50, others may not kick in until you turn 55, 60, 62 or 65.

We’re going to list some of the discounts we think you may be most likely to benefit from, but you can find complete lists and look more thoroughly for discounts at The Senior Listthe Gift Card Granny blog, or at where you can search for discounts by city and state.

You can always just search online for individual discounts, too. Go to Google, type in the business you’re curious about, followed by “senior discount.”

One thing to note:
Some of the discounts listed are offered by franchise owners in local markets, so for some senior discounts may vary by location. Plus, this list changes constantly, so please always call your local store location to check on discounts before visiting.


50 and up:

A&W 10%

Bonefish Grill 10%

Bubba Gump 10%

Carrabba’s 10% for AARP members

Dunkin’ Donuts, free donut with purchase of a large beverage

Landry’s 10% for AARP members

Outback Steakhouse 10% (not for alcohol and some locations are for Monday through Thursday only)

SaltGrass 10% for AARP members


Add these at 55:

Arby’s 10%

Ben & Jerry’s 10%

Chili’s 10%

Dairy Queen 10%

Denny’s 15% for AARP members (and a secret menu!)

Fuddrucker’s 10% off of senior platter

IHOP 10%

Jack in the Box 20%

Krispy Kreme 10%

McDonald’s, special senior pricing on coffee and other drinks

Papa John’s, 25% for online orders. Enter the code “AARP25” when ordering

TCBY 10%

Wendy’s 10%


Add these at 60:

Applebee’s 10%

Burger King 10%

Cici’s Pizza 10%

Culver’s 10%

Elephant Bar, 20% when getting a Senior Explorer VIP card

Fazoli’s offers a special menu if you join their Club 62

Gatti’s Pizza 10%

Golden Corral 10%

Sonic 10%

Subway 10%

Whataburger 10%


RETAILERS: membership, $30 off for AARP members

Bally Total Fitness, $50 – $100 off memberships, 62 and up

Banana Republic, 10% discount, 62 and up

Dress Barn, 10% discount, 55 and up, day of the week for discount varies by location

Great Clips, $3 off a regular haircut, 60 and up

Hallmark, 10% off one day a week, 65 and up (day varies by location)

Jiffy Lube, 10% discount, 55 and up

Kohl’s, 15% discount every Wednesday, 55 and up

LensCrafters, 30% off with AARP membership

Michael’s, 10% off on Tuesdays with AARP membership

Midas, 10% off labor and services, 55 and up

Ross, 10% discount on Tuesdays, 55 and up when you join their Every Tuesday Club

Supercuts, $8 off haircuts, 60 and up

Teleflora, 20% for AARP members

Valvoline Instant Oil Change, 10% on oil change, 50 and up

Walgreens, 20% off every first Tuesday of the month for customers 55 and up (or AARP members at 50)



Most airlines have cut their senior travel discount recently, but Southwest Airlines still offers discounts for travelers 65 and up. Call to check individual flight discounts.

British Airlines offers up to $200 off flights for AARP members. Call for discounts.

Most car rental companies offer discounts for seniors. Some require AARP membership and others do not. Contact the companies for current details.

There are many (too many to list!) hotel discounts for AARP members and non-members for seniors. The Senior List has a complete listing of them. Most discounts range from 10 to 30%.

Royal Carribean, Celebrity, and Carnival Cruises offer discount rates to cruisers 55 and up.



Many movie theaters, museums, golf courses, ski slopes and other public entertainment venues offer reduced admission to seniors over 60 or 65. Always ask!

Here are a few specific ones:

AMC Theaters: Discounted ticket prices, 60 and up (varies by location)

Cinemark Theaters: Discounted ticket prices, 62 and up (varies by location)

Regal Cinemas: 25% off ticket price, 60 and up, plus popcorn and soda discounts


Start Saving!

We hope this will help you save some money around town or while traveling. There are many stores we didn’t list, so check the links posted above if you want to search more completely.

Most importantly, always ASK if there is a senior discount when you shop. Many stores offer them, but they’ll hardly ever offer it to you at checkout unless you ask. You might get a discount on unexpected things if you just ask!

Every dollar saved adds up, so why not take advantage of one of the benefits of reaching your senior years and save some money!

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