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Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Tapestry’s Group Fitness Classes?

Oct 26, 2017

One of the most important things you can do to increase your quality of life is to stay physically active and healthy. An important part of this is…you already know it: exercise. But exercise doesn’t have to be torturous or physically exhausting. Working on stretching, balancing, and yes, increasing your heart rate all contribute to better health.

Tapestry wants to help you improve your physical fitness. We offer several different group fitness classes every week. They’re available to our Tapestry residents free of charge, so we hope you’ll take advantage of this awesome benefit.

Don’t Go It Alone – Join a Group!

There are some proven, important benefits to group exercise over individual exercise:

1) When you have a scheduled class to attend, it helps you stay committed to your exercise program. Just getting dressed and arriving to your exercise class on time provides a sense of accomplishment that gives you a mental boost. This helps you push harder while exercising.

2) Fitness classes not only give you a chance to exercise, they’re a great social activity as well. With more seniors than ever reporting feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation, group exercise classes are a great way to help you interact with others.

3) Group exercise classes encourage you to try something new. Many of these fitness classes feature new types of exercise that you may not have tried before and might never try without the opportunity of a class. For instance, you may not try tai chi alone, but if you attend one of Tapestry’s tai chi classes you could love it!

4) Studies have found that people of all ages and ability levels are much more likely to push themselves harder in their workouts when they’re in a group setting and are exercising around others. If you want to get the most out of exercising, you’ll probably see better results when participating in group classes.

Before you start…

Check with your doctor
If it’s been awhile since you exercised, or if you have some health issues or concerns, check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program. Your doctor can answer any questions you have and even give advice on specific areas where you should focus.

Start slowly
Always take it slowly when you first start. Don’t do too much at once and don’t ignore pain. Also make sure to stay hydrated when you exercise and never exercise in extreme heat.

Set goals
Don’t just set one big goal though—set small, obtainable goals. If you want to lose 50 pounds, that’s probably too big of a goal for most people to have in mind. Instead, set smaller goals at first such as improving your mood and energy levels. When you’ve reached your first small goal, then set another small one like losing 5 or 10 pounds and work from there. It’s fine to have a big goal, but just break it down into small, specific, and achievable mini-goals while you’re working on it.

Take advantage of fitness classes at Tapestry

We offer many free, regularly-scheduled fitness classes every week at Tapestry. See what looks fun and try one if you haven’t already! Tapestry fitness classes include everything from toning and stretching classes to Zumba. Our schedule includes water aerobics, tai chi, and more.

Check out the schedule in our monthly newsletter and pick one (or two) to try!

One of our goals at Tapestry is to help you stay healthy!

As you grow older, an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever for your health. At Tapestry, we’re here to help you with this!

If you haven’t yet, try out one of our fitness classes. You may be surprised how enjoyable (and beneficial!) exercise can be when you’re learning something new with others.

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