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Are you on Social Media? Your Friends Are!

Nov 30, 2016

Chances are good that you’re probably already enjoying social media. But if you haven’t joined in yet, Tapestry is here to help! We offer classes every month on Facebook, email, and general computer use.

Research shows that adults over the age of 50 are flocking to social media sites in record numbers.

In fact, Forbes recently reported some pretty amazing statistics after compiling research from several well-respected, comprehensive studies:

  • People 74 years and older and up are the fastest growing demographic among social networks.
  • 39 million people 65 years and older are currently using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, making this group the fastest growing demographic on these      social media sites.
  • 11% of Facebook users are seniors. These 14.8 million users represent a 1,448% yearly growth in this demographic!
  • 13% of adults 50 years and older are already using Twitter. This figure is expected to only continue rising.
  • AARP has 62,000 twitter followers and 1 million likes on Facebook.

These statistics show one thing very clearly–older adults are embracing social media. And why not? Social media has truly revolutionized the way families connect today.



Facebook is the favorite social media site for people 65 years and older. And that’s not surprising–it offers an easy way to keep in touch with family, as well as connecting with old friends with whom you may have lost touch. Facebook allows people to see and share photos of their family. And let’s not forget all those cute dog and cat videos!

Come to Tapestry’s next Facebook class to get started or to learn more advanced features if you’re already using it!



Twitter is becoming the modern-day equivalent of a newspaper, but with more up-to-date information. It has become the fastest way to spread–and receive–information on quickly-changing events.

Twitter is an excellent way to keep up with fast-moving news events. You can even watch sports scores of games that are not televised. You can stay updated with what’s happening in your hometown and in your specific areas of interest. You decide what topics and people you want to follow.

Twitter is the second most popular social media site among those 50 years and older. For instructions on getting started, click here.


Health Information Forums

Many adults are now using social media sites to discuss illnesses with others who have the same condition. Apart from illnesses, there are many online forums where people in difficult life situations, such as caring for a spouse with dementia, or wrestling with depression, can exchange thoughts and can find social support.

It can be helpful, informative, and comforting to find a group of people online discussing a common health problem. Of course, these sites never take the place of medical advice from your doctor, but reading (and chatting if you want to) online with others facing the same struggles can be helpful.



You may also want to check out Skype if you haven’t discovered it yet. It’s a great way to see your family and friends while talking with them. Your family members can call you through Skype and you can not only talk with them, but also see them on your computer screen or tablet. And to make it even better, it’s free!

You’ll want to set up a time to Skype–that way the people you’re calling will know to be at their computer and ready for your call. It’s a great way to visit with your kids or grandkids!

For easy instructions on how to get started on Skype, click here.


Join in

No matter which social media sites are the most interesting or entertaining to you, give something new a try! Sign up for one of our social media or computer classes at Tapestry and join in!

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