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Downsizing: This Expert’s Advice Makes It “Right-Sizing”

Nov 19, 2017

For many people, the most difficult part of moving to a simpler lifestyle is the downsizing it requires. But there’s help available from people who are experts in the field of senior moves and downsizing. We’re lucky to have a knowledgeable and compassionate expert in the Oklahoma City area, Amber Bergerson of Senior Transitions.

Grand Tapestry Presents “Time to Turn Over a New Leaf”

Knowing what a challenge it is for people to make a move, Grand Tapestry of Quail Springs is hosting two presentations given by Amber on her expert tips for downsizing—or as Amber likes to call it, “right-sizing.”

Our first event on Thursday, November 16, at 6:00 pm at Hefner Grill filled up so quickly, that we’re putting together a second date, to be announced soon. If you would like to attend, please call us at 888-380-1773 and we’ll notify you of the time and place for our next presentation.

You’ll hear Amber’s expert tips and advice on downsizing. Speaking from years of experience, Amber will cover both the emotional as well as physical part of downsizing and organizing. The presentation is free to the public and all are welcome. Call soon—our Thursday night event filled up quickly!

Downsizing Clients Have a Common Regret

You may be surprised that there is one thing Amber hears time and time again from the people who she has helped make a move and downsize: “I wish I would have done this sooner.” Amber says that people often regret waiting to make the move to a smaller senior residence.

It’s important to move while you feel good and before your family is faced with the task of doing it for you. Amber advises, “Make sure you make a move while you’re still healthy and before your family has to do it. If you face an illness or an injury forcing a move, your family will have to scramble to get everything done.”

An Amazing Gift to Your Children

This leads to the next thing Amber hears most often from clients: “It’s been such a gift to my children.” Amber knows from years of experience that this is true.

One client said her daughter had just finished the task of helping to move in-laws into senior housing after they became too ill to care for themselves. Amber’s client had already made a move and had used Amber to help her downsize. She told Amber that her daughter said, “Mom, thank you so much for doing this when you were able so we didn’t have to do it for you.” Her daughter had experienced the stress of moving her in-laws when they weren’t able to help much with decisions, and then realized how grateful she was that her mother had taken care of this. It truly is a gift to your children to take care of the decisions of what to keep and let go of, where to move, etc.

A Senior Move Manager Can Help

Amber’s company, Senior Transitions, is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASSM). Belonging to a national organization like this is important, Amber explains. This large organization provides many resources, and being a member also allows Amber to partner with NASSM members in other cities. This way, she can coordinate a move on both ends when someone is moving to Oklahoma City from another location.

By being a senior move manager for almost ten years, Amber has developed a strategy that has helped many seniors make the move to simplified living. She emphasizes that she wants clients to “trust the system” because it works!

Amber knows that having an outside person to help with your move is important. It’s easier to have help with all of the decisions you’ll face with an objective professional. But Amber makes sure that everyone becomes partners in the move—Amber, the client, and their family members. The client and family will make all decisions, but Amber can help guide them from a place of experience. And after you decide what to take, Senior Transitions can help you with selling and donating the rest!

First Step to Downsizing

Amber tells her clients that the first step is to decide which things are most important to them. She says, “Think about the things that are the most important. What are the things that you really love and want to take? Start from there.”

Amber offers this piece of advice to clients:

“Remember that you really just live in just a few rooms: the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The rest of the rooms are just gathering stuff. So when you think about moving to this smaller space, it’s just simply that you’re not keeping the rooms full of stuff. You’re still taking all the things that mean the most to you and putting them back in those same living spaces. You’re just right-sizing! Then you don’t have the worry and the heaviness of all the things that are left over in the house. That room that is chock full of stuff doesn’t have to go.”

She also wants people to know that they’ll be surprised what fits into apartments. You will be able to take the things you love. Amber’s crew can help you repurpose some of the items you want to take—a dresser can be used under a tv or as a console, for example.

Amber says she always wants clients to take the pieces they really want and her company will make it work in your new space. She wants each of her clients to be comfortable, feel at home, and love their new place!

Downsizing = Right-Sizing

Downsizing is really “right-sizing.” With help from a professional senior moving expert it can be a smooth, beneficial change for a simplified lifestyle.

To hear more about Amber’s system, and her 10 steps for a successful downsizing move, you’re invited to join us at our next presentation of “Time to Turn Over a New Leaf.”

We promise you’ll get a wealth of information and inspiration. Please call 888-380-1773 soon to reserve your spot!

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