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Independent Living vs Grand Tapestry: A Comparison

Oct 11, 2020

People who anticipate retiring in the coming years have many exciting living options to consider. One popular option is the independent living community. We receive questions about how Grand Tapestry compares to an independent living community, so we’d like to offer a few points of comparison regarding our amenities and services. Overall, our living style tends to be more independent than most independent living communities. Here’s how.

What is an Independent Living Community?

An independent living community is usually defined as any housing arrangement that is meant for adults who are over the age of 55. Housing styles in these communities can vary widely, ranging from free-standing homes to apartment-style living. Usually, these independent living communities handle some of the chores of daily maintenance, and some offer meal plans for residents but may have limited kitchens in each unit.

Amenities at Grand Tapestry

Grand Tapestry offers resort-style amenities, which residents may find in high-end independent living communities. Some of the main amenities that the Grand Tapestry provides include:

  • Fitness Center and Heated Salt Water Exercise Pool: Whether your idea of working out is to hit the treadmill or enjoy laps in a heated pool, Grand Tapestry offers plenty of enjoyable ways to stay fit. If you’re bringing a dog (of course we’re pet friendly!), they’ll stay in shape, too – We’ve got a dog park just for them.
  • Business Center: When you need to access technological equipment or a quiet place to work, our business center offers an office setting to give you what you need.
  • Social Activities: Line dancing. Singing groups. Book clubs. Happy hours. Movie nights. We offer an activity calendar with fun events every day. Look at our sample calendar to see which activities you’ll enjoy.
  • Beautiful Shared Spaces: If your idea of a lovely evening is to read a book next to a roaring fire, our central great room has a fireplace and nook you’ll love. In addition, residents can access vegetable gardens and outdoor entertainment areas with grills and an outdoor fireplace.

These are just a few of the many amenities that are provided by the Grand Tapestry. Some of the other amenities that residents enjoy at the Grand Tapestry include a movie theater, billiards room, craft room, and beauty salon.

Dining Options

Instead of providing a meal plan for residents like most independent living communities do, Grand Tapestry offers individual choice in dining. Each apartment has its own full kitchen with granite countertops, espresso cabinetry and designer finishes. Residents can enjoy the independence of cooking at home. When you’re not in the mood to cook, Grand Tapestry has other options, as well.

For example, Grand Tapestry provides residents with access to a bistro kitchen along with meal service delivery options. This means that residents at the Grand Tapestry can take a look at a wide variety of menu options, decide what they would like for that day, and have their meals delivered directly to their doors. Plus, residents are a short distance from more than 45 restaurants in the Bricktown Entertainment District of Oklahoma City. When it comes to dining, residents at Grand Tapestry get the best of all worlds.

Medical Care

There are some independent living communities that provide access to medical care in the home. Often, these take the form of home health aides or home services. Even though the Grand Tapestry does not provide medical care, there are still options for those who require medical care.

Team members of Grand Tapestry can help residents set up their independent medical services if they need care at home. In this manner, those who decide to make the Grand Tapestry their home can enjoy the independence that our community offers, as well as the medical support they need.

Access to a Variety of Floor Plans

Some independent living communities offer freestanding homes with yards, garages and driveways. Many residents believe that this is the best living arrangement for privacy. The Grand Tapestry shows that it is possible, however, to enjoy this same level of independence and privacy within an apartment building – and with far less upkeep.

Even though Grand Tapestry provides apartments instead of houses, the community provides all residents with access to a variety of floor plans. They range in size from one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments to two-bedroom and two-bathroom units – all with a private balcony or patio, as well as individual washer and dryers. Furthermore, all of the apartments at Grand Tapestry are brand new. No matter which apartment you choose, you’ll have new stainless steel, energy-efficient appliances.

Access to Moving Assistance

The moving process can be an arduous one that no one looks forward to. We try to make it as easy as possible. Even though some independent living communities provide access to some degree of moving assistance, the team members at the Grand Tapestry take extra steps to help everyone with their moving process from start to finish.

We help potential residents find a local real estate agent to assist them in selling their home. In addition, we offer recommendations for reputable movers who will not only pack up your home but also move it to the new destination. We can even help coordinate shut-offs, transfers of utilities and help you get set up in your new home, too.

Enjoy the Feeling of Independent Living for Seniors at the Grand Tapestry

Grand Tapestry is an exclusive, luxury, independent living community in Oklahoma City for those who are 55 and over. Located centrally in Quail Springs, it is easy for residents to pursue their passions, explore new hobbies and meet new friends. With all the amenities, it is easy to see why this is one of the premier communities in a local area – giving even more independence than most independent living communities.

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