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Learn About Happy Residents at Grand Tapestry

Nov 21, 2019

Ursula Sreaves

Ursula Sreaves lived in Perkins, Oklahoma, with her daughter and her family. Although she enjoyed the time spent with her family, in December 2018 she decided she was ready to begin a new, independent chapter of her life. That’s when she made the move to Grand Tapestry. “I don’t want to live in a house any more. I just want to live here,” said Ursula. “I love it here. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and I’m so glad I found it.”

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Lula and June Carter

June Carter and his wife, Lula, moved to Grand Tapestry in January 2019. “We had been considering doing something different, since we had been retired for some years,” said Lula. Going and doing now includes Grand Tapestry excursions, like a recent visit to an archeology site, and enjoying the twice-weekly happy hour. “Being here is better than being at my house. The environment is nice, the people are nice and we don’t have to worry about the day-to-day stuff,” said Lula. “I think you should put yourself in a place where you are happy and can take care of yourself. And we’ve done that.”

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Paul Koelsch

Paul Koelsch, a retired Federal Aviation Administration engineer, moved to Grand Tapestry in November 2018, after living in an “independent living” community. “It didn’t exactly fit my busy, active lifestyle,” Paul said. As an avid gardener, Paul was happy to discover a community of fellow gardeners at Grand Tapestry who were passionate about it, just like him. “I’ve developed friends here who also like to garden, one of whom has a great fried okra recipe, and from my fourth floor balcony I can look down and see my plants growing. It’s hard to beat all that!”

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