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Top 10 Amenities to Look for in Luxury Senior Living Communities

Dec 01, 2019

Retirement gives you an abundance of extra time to do the things you love. The desire to alleviate those chores and the household chores like yard work, home repairs or shoveling snow often drives active retirees to downsize, or even move out of private residences and into a senior living community, so that they can spend more time pursuing those things they love most.

Communities are a natural next step for adults that no longer want to deal with the responsibilities of homeownership. Most communities alleviate tedious chores and maintenance responsibilities, while luxury communities take things a step further and elevate your entire lifestyle through an array of attractive, engaging amenities. While amenities vary by community, there are some amenities that are considered standard and others that are truly designed to make your life exceptional.

Standard Amenities

There are standard amenities that every community you’re looking into should provide. While this doesn’t guarantee they offer them for free, having access to them when you need them is typically what matters. Then, you can choose what you need and are willing to pay for. The most common standard amenities include utilities, housekeeping, laundry facilities, transportation, safety/security, storage and at least some form of social activities.

A recent study of the most valued amenities for senior housing found these five items to be residents’ top priorities (listed below, by the percentage of respondents that selected each amenity).

  • Easy access to transportation – 40%
  • Parking garage – 37%
  • On-site laundry services – 28%
  • On-site gym and fitness activities – 27%
  • Elevator/no steps – 27%

Must-Have Luxury Amenities

Amenities are a big part of what makes life at luxury senior living communities so engaging. Active adults want a wider variety of activities to choose from. Here are 10 must-have luxury amenities you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Pet-Friendly

Not all locations allow pets, and it can actually be quite rare to find pet-friendly senior apartments, so it’s definitely a perk to ask about. Of the places that do allow pets, many limit the number of animals you can have to one or two. Sometimes, certain breeds are also prohibited, or there are other requirements that must be met, like weight limits or letters of proof for vaccinations.

2. Well-Designed Kitchen

Thirty percent of adults felt this was important when looking for their next home. Most people look for high-end appliances, granite countertops, a larger space to cook and dine in and extra attention to design details that make it more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, if you like having guests over or cooking meals for others, you need a beautiful kitchen just like the one you’d have in any other home.

3. Outdoor Spaces

Most communities will have outdoor spaces of some kind, and 24 percent of respondents said this was important to them. A community needs ample space for walks, beautiful outdoor sitting areas, a dog park or balconies where residents can spend their time outdoors. Maybe you want to host your friends at the outdoor BBQ grills or enjoy the terrace fireplace on a chilly night. Another popular option is to have a garden where residents can grow vegetables, fruits or herbs. Every luxury community should offer ample open space for residents to enjoy.

4. Pool

Pools can be found indoors, outdoors or both, but having a pool makes most people happy. This is especially true for those with grandkids that might visit. Some might find that having a saltwater pool is even more of a perk than a chlorinated one. And the more extras you can add to the pool area, the better, like a cabana, cafe or bar, hot tub or other features.

5. Activity Rooms

The most popular options among these type of spaces include craft rooms or a billiards or card room. The more specialized the rooms offered by a community, the more you’ll have to do, so it’s a substantial consideration.

6. Beauty Salons

What would be a better amenity than being able to walk down the hall for a haircut or perm? With a beauty salon on site, you can take care of your entire beauty routine without leaving the premises. Some luxury senior communities might also open their salon doors to your friends if you want to catch up during your appointment.

7. Business Center

Let’s face it, just because you’re at or close to retirement doesn’t mean you’re done working. You might still work part time, do consulting, or simply need to send a fax, connect to the internet or buy postage to ship something. With a business center, you can connect to the world for work or other reasons and get even more done without leaving home.

8. Spacious Interiors and Shared Spaces

When you have a guest, you want them to feel comfortable from the moment they enter your home. That’s no different if you’re living in a community. So choosing a location that offers beautifully decorated open areas, attention to details in the shared spaces and treats your guests like family is important. You’d think this would be standard, but it’s more likely to be something you find in luxury communities.

9. Moving Assistance

This is an amenity often overlooked, but if your new community offers it, take them up on it. Communities that provide moving assistance often help with finding a real estate agent, movers who are reputable, moving in and unpacking and other needs. Many communities have companies that work with them regularly, so they know the layout of the community and any special considerations that may be present, which will only make your move easier and faster.

10. Entertainment

Want to do something fun without the hassle of going out? Having access to entertainment in the community can make your life more engaging and convenient. Extras like an onsite movie theater can come in handy. Also, look for communities that have activities planned, such as dances, radio hours or book clubs. Having entertainment options to choose from will keep you happy and supplement what’s likely an already active social and leisure schedule outside of the community.

Choosing the Right Community for Your Lifestyle

Now that you’ve seen the top amenities that are offered by luxury communities, you’ll need to select the option that’s right for you. Whether you’re basing your choice on amenities or you’re looking for the highest quality service, Grand Tapestry at Quail Springs would love to give you a tour and show you around. Grand Tapestry is a true luxury community, with an emphasis on comfort, activity and style built into every program, amenity and apartment available.

At Grand Tapestry, you’ll enjoy luxury senior living in Oklahoma City with our exceptional staff, excellent service and resort-style amenities. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

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