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“Living at Grand Tapestry is like being on vacation and enjoying a nice hotel every day.”

— Lula and June Carter

Lula and June Carter

June Carter and his wife, Lula, moved to Grand Tapestry in January 2019. “We had been considering doing something different, since we had been retired for some years,” said Lula. “We looked at Grand Tapestry in 2016 but remained in the home for tax reasons. We even looked at larger homes to try to accommodate my mother-in-law. When that didn’t work out, we visited a number of independent living places for her (and kept notes for whenever we were ready to move ourselves). When we received the invitation in January 2019 to visit Grand Tapestry again, we jumped at the chance and stayed a few days to get a better feel for the community. It was so enjoyable. It was nothing like the other places we had toured which seemed to lean more towards assisted living as opposed to true active and independent living.”

“Now, we have no worries! No taxes, no maintenance, no hassles. We’re free to go where we want to go and when we want to go. The staff holds our mail and keeps an eye on everything, so we don’t have to worry about our home when we’re not there.”

Going and doing now includes Grand Tapestry excursions, like a recent visit to an archaeology site, and enjoying the twice-weekly happy hour. “It’s so much fun! We almost always go on both Tuesday and Friday for the camaraderie and our kids often join us,” said Lula. “All kinds of interesting people live here, from lawyers and IT experts to local store owners. Not all of them are retired, and some are people we knew before we moved here but hadn’t seen for a while. Now we see each other all the time.”

Another advantage the Carters love about Grand Tapestry is its location. Restaurants, a grocery store and a shopping mall with a Target are conveniently close by. So close, Lula can walk almost everywhere she wants to go, if the weather is good and she’s in the mood. Walking is her favorite way to get exercise. Her husband works out in other ways, including taking advantage of the community’s pool. “June swims a lot and does gardening with one of our neighbors,” she said. “He also volunteers a lot, and often drives some of our neighbors when they need a ride somewhere. He’s a go-getter, and that keeps him active, too.”

“Being here is better than being at my house. The environment is nice, the people are nice and we don’t have to worry about the day-to-day stuff,” said Lula. “I think you should put yourself in a place where you are happy and can take care of yourself. And we’ve done that.”

To find an active 55+ community where you can make new friends and reconnect with old ones, like Lula and June have here, call us at (405) 605-6900.

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