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“I like being around people, and having my own time, too. I can have both here.”

— Paul Koelsch

Paul Koelsch

Paul Koelsch, a retired Federal Aviation Administration engineer, moved to Grand Tapestry in November 2018, after living in an “independent living” community. “It didn’t exactly fit my busy, active lifestyle,” Paul said.

As an avid gardener, Paul was happy to discover a community of fellow gardeners at Grand Tapestry who were passionate about it, just like him. At Grand Tapestry, he has the opportunity to continue gardening in the community’s raised garden beds and hone his skills in a way he was unable to do at his previous residence. So far, he’s grown watermelon, cantaloupe, okra and a host of other fruits and vegetables. “I’ve developed friends here who also like to garden, one of whom has a great fried okra recipe, and from my fourth-floor balcony I can look down and see my plants growing. It’s hard to beat all that!”

Paul also wanted to use his money wisely, and that meant not paying for services he didn’t need or want. After just a few weeks at his previous residence, he realized that the fee he paid each month included a variety of amenities he never even used. “Where I was before they served three full meals a day that I was paying for whether I wanted that or not. That didn’t work for me. Here I have a nice kitchen where I can cook when I want to, or I can have a meal over at the Grand Tapestry Bistro while I’m having a good time with friends, depending on what I have going on.” Having the flexibility to live each day his own way is a huge priority for Paul.

Something else Paul thinks is hard to beat is Grand Tapestry’s location right across the street from the Quail Springs Mall. It makes getting to the Super Target and all kinds of restaurants a quick trip whether he’s driving or wants to walk. He also likes that he’s only half a mile away from the Kilpatrick Turnpike so he can easily zip over to Oklahoma City and enjoy everything it has to offer.

“Since I’ve lived here, I’ve been very pleased with my larger apartment and garage parking with storage,” Paul said. “And very pleased with the management, too. They’re very friendly, easy to talk to and open to any suggestions. They’re just good people and they’re good at running Grand Tapestry.”

To learn more about a flexible, active lifestyle like Paul’s, where you only pay for what you need, call (405) 605-6900 to schedule a visit.

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